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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegan MoFo: Quick Green Salad

Being preggers, I am hungry way more often than I used to be and have to eat less at a time because my stomach is being compressed. There is no waiting for dinner- I have to eat while cooking dinner to tide me over until it's ready. True life.

Salad is great for eating standing up over the counter while stirring what's in the pot or pan and healthy! I throw in whatever I have on hand, but here is a combination I've been loving lately. 

1. Whatever greens you have- I have been loving arugula + baby spinach! 

2. Carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, whatever is already cut up and ready to be thrown in.

3. Frontier Bac'Uns. These are amazing!!! Savory and crunchy zing. Main ingredient is TVP.

4. Lime Tahini Dressing from Peas and Thank You cookbook - I love it! I will write more about this in a Cooking Through Peas and Thank You post. 

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