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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Little About Me!

Let's start with the relevant bits!

My ridiculous eating history:

Ages 12-22: The only animal products I ate were dairy, seafood, and honey. I did not eat other meat or eggs.

For the past about 10 months: Strictly plant-based except for two months when I gave into my pregnancy craving for cheese. I have been back to vegan for a few months. 

And for the rest: 

My name is Julia

I am 23 years old 

I am married to my high school sweetheart. We have been partners since 2005 and married since 2010.

I am pregnant with my first child, a son, due at the end of the year

I have two kitties and a snake and used to work as a park naturalist 
I have a Bachelor's degree in theater 

I have a Master's degree in early childhood and elementary education

I hope to become a teacher one day but that has been put on hold because of my huge belly

I was born by the ocean, grew up in the mountains, and now live in rural farmland. We hope to move soon!

We would like four children

I sometimes identify as a runner and I did a half marathon last year- going for a full marathon sometime after my baby is born! 

I have been to England, France, Canada, and Jamaica and want to travel more

Any burning questions, leave a comment :o)


  1. Thanks for sharing your story! It's nice to learn about fellow bloggers. Congrat's on your first!