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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegan Junk Food: Crab Chips

Sorry for the long hiatus! I will be posting more soon as my spring break is next week!!! I am mostly busy finishing up my student teaching to be followed by writing my master's thesis and trying to find a job (and maybe also planning my cat's first birthday party).

I ran into a conventional box grocery store after school to pick up some treats for my third graders. As a vegan, I am compulsively checking labels of packaged foods to ensure there are no egg or milk products. Fortunately, these are required to be listed as allergens. 

Let me pause to say I am not a junk food vegan. Really. Most of my diet is raw, most is homemade, and most is organic. (Hopefully soon I can say that most is homegrown). I rarely ever eat potato chips, like once or twice a year. When I do, they are likely to be Utz Crab Chips. I looked at that labeled out of curiosity.

HONEY. They are made with honey. But not just honey, some sort of honey product that I don't remember. I will do a post soon about honey and the vegan mind. 

If you are interested in an alternative and don't begrudge a bag of chips every once in a while, I found one at my nearby-ish organic store: Route 11 Chesapeake Crab Potato Chips
The website clearly lists the ingredients. Nothing from an animal! They are yummy and crunchy. Try them out.

This post might mean nothing to you if you aren't a Marylander. I have spent most of my life in Maryland and now live very close to the Chesapeake Bay. Even though I no longer eat seafood, I get my kicks from the seasoning usually used on it: Old Bay. 

I have to tell you that I did not pose this picture for this post. This was taken freshman year of college in my dorm room five years ago. I brought Old Bay with me to the cafeteria every day. Thankfully, I stopped that after the first semester, but it just makes everything taste better,

I still like Old Bay but use it infrequently. I also started using the low sodium variety, though I actually have low blood pressure so sodium is not a big concern. Probably, I could mix up a seasoning similar to Old Bay myself but somehow the thought makes me feel like a traitor. 

I hope I've put you in the mood for summer!

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  1. Thanks for this post! You know, it's the number 1 hit when searching for "are crab chips vegan" ? Pretty cool!