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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Whole Foods and Blog Title

Happy Weekend!!!!!!!!

Today, I drove two hours to receive a pre-service teacher award (yaay!) but we got lost and were forty minutes late (boo). Then, on the way home we took a wrong exit and ended up near a Whole Foods so I went for the first time ever. I'll get into it more later, but now I live in a very VERY rural place. Where I used to live had no Whole Foods but two large organic stores that are not chains and one is a cooperative.

So, yeah! Whole Foods! It was packed with people! Unfortunately, it was not packed with many actual whole foods. The produce was mostly out of season. It was a grocery store that happened to have mostly organic items but not like the kind of organic store I am used to. Very few bulk items. A little bit but not much local.

Also, Whole Foods was not very vegan friendly. I was expecting for it to be peppered with vegan choices clearly labeled, or else have a vegan section. Neither. I was really hungry and wanted to eat in the little cafe area, but it looked like the only vegan option was salad. No thanks. I asked the bakery if they had any vegan options and I was SOL. So disappointing!

Still, I am really happy with some of the freezer finds!!! I always read great reviews on vegan blogs but am not able to get these items for myself because I don't want to order food online that requires refrigeration. I will show you some of these soon when I chow down. Among them are flavors that are new to me of Coconut Bliss and So Delicious. I try to do mostly homemade food, but since I have so little time in the evenings, I am a sucker for something I can just heat up.

Have you been wondering about the blog title? I will explain the sub-heading. Back when I very first starting reading vegan blogs, I kept seeing the name of this restaurant pop up that is two hours away from my house. I decided to tell my hubby/partner about it at a time when I was REALLY sleep deprived. Sober, but ridiculously tired. So, I began to tell him about the "blegan vogs" I've been reading. The name stuck.

I never once pulled an all-nighter in undergrad, but it is a way of life now that I am getting my master's and dual teaching certification in 11 months. It all ends June 4! Ian has been keeping me fed and sane.

Photography by Jim Jarrell 


  1. Great blog! And I just so happen to love the name - I can't say it without smiling. :) I definitely think you should give Whole Foods another try at a different location - mine is packed full of vegan options at the deli and frozen food aisle. And I didn't see one salad! Careful though... that place should be called, "Whole Paycheck!"
    -Jesse @HGLV

  2. Haha, thanks so much! Blegan vog makes me laugh too. And "Vegan is Reasonable" is just plain fact and my answer when people ask me "why?" I will do a post about it sometime, but vegan just makes sense and is the reasonable thing to do IMHO.
    I will try another Whole Foods sometime for sure :o)