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Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Favorite Re-Use Websites

1. Freecycle

This site is run by Yahoo. People within a county post things they want and things they have to get rid of. All transactions are free. Volunteer moderators approve all posts and members. One gets an e-mail about once a day with the 25 most recent posts. Your e-mail address is not identified unless you choose to respond to someone. You can set up a specific pick up time, or leave an item for a 'porch pick-up.' You can have actual human interaction, or not.

I've gotten some awesome stuff and had a way to get rid of things I really don't want to throw away. Every couple of months I clean out my closet and give away a big bag of clothes. I've gotten clothes, a purse, cat things, and office supplies. Like Craigslist, except you're not entering into a contract with a stranger. And it's FREE!

2. Makeup Alley

Not just for makeup!! This is a swap site. Mostly, people swap bath/beauty items but also clothes, DVDs, books, and anything else. You provide feedback to one another to boost your credibility. If someone has no feedback, they ship their end of the swap first. I have mostly swapped for Lush, but other things as well. Also lots of reviews on make-up type items.

Try these out in an effort to re-use items that may be discarded and avoid buying new items. I have saved a bunch of money and trips to the landfill.

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