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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deodorant Options

One of my favorite and a much more established vegan blogger Eco Vegan Gal recently made this blog post  regarding natural deodorants. I have been very curious about this myself and have been on the search for a natural deodorant that works for me.

For years, I used Dove deodorants. They worked very well for me and my sensitive skin. Because they don't mention being aluminum-free, I have to assume that aluminum is an ingredient. Can cross that off of the list.

Next, I tried Tom's of Maine deodorant for sensitive skin. Aluminum-free, check. Fragrance-free, check. This product gave me a horrible rash. It gave my sensitive skin a very painful reaction.
Then, I tried Lush's Aromaco. Aluminum-free with vegan and organic ingredients. However, it's the only Lush product that I deeply dislike. You take the solid in your hand and rub it over your pits. I expected it to soften from your body heat like a massage bar, but it stayed solid so you have to rub rub rub. Its harsh edges break off and are wasted and the friction starts to hurt. I also found it to be ineffective i.e. smelly pits. I was so disappointed!

Then, Eco Vegan Gal to the rescue! At her recommendation, I picked up a Crystal deodorant at my first trip to Whole Foods. So far, I love it! I got the rolly ball kind and it has kept my underarms smelling fresh. It applies easily and lasts throughout the day. 
I'm sticking with Crystal for now, happy to have one more carcinogen-free product on my body.


  1. hehehe, that Lush description made me laugh- does not seem to be an appealing application process at all!

  2. Haha I had such high hopes because I LOVE Lush but it's like scraping sandpaper across your pits.

  3. I have gone through several natural deodorants here in the UK and aromaco is my winner as crystals don't give me enough protection. I've found the key with aromaco is to put it on just out of the shower. Towel off your whole body, but not your armpits. Then, use it.