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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Morning Smoothie- How To

A lot of blegan voggers have done smoothie posts lately- and why not?! Spring time is an amazing time for eating smoothies! I am going to do a few posts on a smoothie I have been eating throughout winter.

Since January, I eat a smoothie every  morning for breakfast. The next post will be a recipe. I eat it for dinner occasionally as well.

When I first started doing breakfast smoothies, I realized I had to make the whole process more timely. It takes SO much more time to make a smoothie than to grab a granola bar or piece of fruit or bowl of cereal. Here are some of the things I did to save time:

1) Have your fruit ready to go. Most smoothies include some type of fruit. I use bananas in mind as a type of binder. In summer, I'll use more fruit as it becomes available.
Prepare your fruit ahead of time 
I peel bananas when ripe, cut them in half, and store them in the freezer. Other fruits can be cleaned and prepared and frozen for easy access.

2) Measure out and mix dry ingredients ahead of time
I use a pyrex container and stir together the dry ingredients for 10 days. Just remember the proportion of each so you know how many tablespoons to use. That way, you can store the dry ingredient containers out of the way.

3) Slack on the cleaning 
Hopefully this does not seem gross. Every day, I rinse the blender, tablespoon, spatula, and glass with water. I only fully clean them with soap and taking apart the blender once a week. That might not be ok with everyone, but it's fine by me and saves a lot of time.

Remember to unplug the blender when you are done or it will use phantom electricity. Also, I turn the ice maker on in the freezer once a week and it provides enough for a week of smoothies.

Hope this helps!
One of my first raw smoothies. This one is not green.

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