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Friday, October 7, 2011

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 28 weeks

Due Date:  December 30- back on target via fundal height!

Total weight gain/loss: 
9/7 Prenatal Appt.: +11, 164 lbs., Total +21 
9/22 Prenatal Appt.: -1, 163 lbs., Total +20
10/5 Prenatal Appt.: +1, 164 lbs., Total +21

Maternity clothes?: Some of those pants are even too tight. I'm loving full panels! I try to get away with some non-maternity tops but they do show some belly. 

Sleep: I hate waking up on my back- it's terrifying! Generally sleep is the same but I have a cold now which makes it harder to breathe. I am also napping a little more often, I think because I am working more. <3Sleep<3

Best moment this week: Just being so big that everyone comments and asks about it :o) Fun now, annoying later probably.

Movement: Lots of kicks and some things that feel like flips or rotations. Still waiting to feel hiccups!

Food cravings: Chocolate! (Yes, I ate some Oreos. They are vegan but not healthy.)

Food aversions: None

9/7 Prenatal Appt.: Elevated blood pressure! 132/78
9/22 Prenatal Appt.: Blood pressure 116/64 
10/5 Prenatal Appt.: Blood pressure 118/64 
We learned the trick- the tech needs to take my blood pressure twice and use the second reading.

  • More stretch marks everyday 
  • Sciatic pain is getting worse 
  • I have had congestion the entire pregnancy and it is persistent 
  • Still doing the sneeze + pee

    Gender:  Hopefully still a boy! 

    Labor Signs: No! But my body is getting ready for labor. I have had some hip pains and some shooting pains behind my vagina which I read is cervical. 

    Belly Button in or out? Closer to out every day.

    What I miss: I love being pregnant :o) Nothing too good has been left behind. 

    What I am looking forward to: Feeling more prepared....I hope that feeling is forthcoming!

      Milestones: In the Third Trimester! 

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