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Monday, July 25, 2011

Recipe Review: Potato Tacos

 Yesterday, we made Potato Tacos from the website The Kitchn. We made the recipe and use the site for the first time and were impressed by both! I was very excited for hubby to find this because he loves Mexican food. I am not a big fan, and I have been avoiding Mexican restaurants since becoming vegan(ish) because I read others' blog posts about not being able to avoid lard, etc. To make some Mexican noms at home, we would be in control!

To start with, I ate some guacamole that we had  made that morning while we cooked. This was avocados, garlic, chili powder, salt, pepper, lime juice. Hubby added tomatoes to his.

Frying potatoes in olive oil.
Boiling two ears of corn.
Preparing the filling- garlic and peppers.

Frying the corn, garlic, peppers, salt, pepper, and lime juice.
I warmed the tortillas in a crepe pan. 
While the filling was frying and the tortillas were warming, hubby chopped up the  toppings- avocados, cilantro, scallions, and tomatoes.
Changes We Made to the Recipe
  • We were out of onions, so we added some onion powder instead.
  • We had jalepeno peppers so used that instead of poblano chiles. 
  • Also did not have celery, now to think of it I should have added celery salt/seed.
  • I could not find corn tortillas so we used whole wheat tortillas. Also, I'm sad because every brand that I found has way too many ingredients :o( I should try making my own!
  • We used russet potatoes and left the skins on instead of peeling as called for. 
Overall Impressions
  • The site suggests that if you do not like cilantro, to sprinkle the potatoes with cumin instead. I think cumin or coriander would be great on the potatoes no matter what because they did not offer much flavor.
  • Made 6 tacos.
  • Hearty and filling and satisfied this wary-of-Mexican-food girl! Pregnant at that.
Here is the finished product!


  1. I've never had potato tacos before - these look really good - we may have to try it sometime. Thanks for stopping by tonight - I've returned the follow.

  2. Hey, following back from Measuring Flower. Thanks for linking up to MondayMingle. These look really tasty! Thanks for sharing, too! Hope to see you again next week. :-)