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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 18 weeks

Due Date:  December 30 (for now) Based on my LMP and the size of my belly/height of my uterus I think it will be moved up! The sonogram in 2 weeks will decide!

Total weight gain/loss:
 4 lbs total gained 
That I know of. My doctor does not want me to check my weight on my own so I only find out once a month.

Maternity clothes? All the way. except for some gym clothes that I am stretching out so probably won't be able to wear once I back to normal size. Oh well.These yoga pants are too comfy to stop wearing. 

Sleep: Only getting worse. Left hip and left shoulder hurt so much from staying on my left side. I am going to start sleeping sitting up with pillows between my back and the wall and my legs extended under blankets. The good thing is that I am getting by just fine on about 8.5 hrs of sleep a night and no naps. In the first trimester, I had to get 11 hrs plus naps! Also, my body is no longer waking me up as much to drink so I wake up dehydrated and terrified about how it's affecting Baby Squiggles.

Best moment this week: This one will reveal me to be a crazy cat person. One morning, I woke up to  one of my cats lifting the blanket off of my belly and licking it all over. That was her first affection toward the baby :o)

Also, got our first fluff mail (cloth diapers!!)

Movement: I think that I definitely have felt movement! Each one has felt different and been in a different location but at least one of them had to be Squiggles. I feel a movement once a night and it's always when hubby is reading/talking/singing. I have to be silent and still. 

Food cravings: Popcorn with nutritional yeast because I was out of nutritional yeast...until today! Mmmmmmmm

Food aversions: None

Symptoms: I'm dealing with the sciatica alright. A little heartburn, a little itchiness. Also, this started at maybe week 13 but I haven't mentioned the 'leaking.' Well, not really leaking, but I get white wet stuff at the tip of the nipples which dries into yellow crustiness. Sounds really gross, but it's exciting because I'm already producing colostrum and getting ready for breastfeeding!
 Only two weeks until our anatomy scan when we will hopefully see the genitals! And learn the health of organs and measurements and the pregnancy will be halfway through. Wild!

Labor Signs: No way

Belly Button in or out? The bottom part is practically out, right where the top of the uterus pushes it. Soon soon I will be an outie!

What I miss: Fewer financial worries

What I am looking forward to: Building up fluff (cloth diaper) collection, hubby being able to feel/see movement
Milestones: Definitely have felt movement

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