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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 26 weeks, 4 days

Due Date:  December 30- though at my last appointment, my fundal height measured a week ahead.

Total weight gain/loss: 
9/7 Prenatal Appt.: +11, 164 lbs., Total +21 
(My doctors think it was water retention)
9/22 Prenatal Appt.: -1, 163 lbs., Total +20
(Back to normal!)

Maternity clothes?: All of the time and I have only bought a couple of items, the rest were gifts or handed down.

Sleep: Same as before.

Best moment this week: 

  • Met with an amazing pediatrician! 
  • Hubby feeling and seeing kicks
  • My seeing kicks (even my parents have now!)
  • Blood pressure and weight gain back to normal 

Movement: Still not as often as I would like but YES! Certain times of day and certain positions of mine do increase movement or at least allow me to feel it more. Eating sweet/cold or both increases kicking. 

Food cravings: Hot dense soups, bready things, soft pretzels (anyone made these homemade?)

Food aversions: None


9/7 Prenatal Appt.: Elevated blood pressure! 132/78
9/22 Prenatal Appt.: Blood pressure 116/64 

Back in the healthy was a very scary fluke before!

  • Stretch marks!! All over my breasts, under my belly, top of buttocks, and around the belly button
  • I got sick one night, not sure if this was pregnancy or food poisoning.
  • Really difficult to get up and down
  • Dry hands!

Gender:  Our 20 week scan showed a penis! 

Labor Signs: No- I read that some women have Braxton Hicks by now, but not me.

Belly Button in or out? At first I was the one going on about this but hubby is really commenting how much my belly button is sticking out! It has not 'popped' all of the way.

What I miss: I am adjusting to changes in relationships with friends and family and realizing how different they will be soon.

What I am looking forward to: Labor and delivery!

  • Hubby feels the kicks!
  • We both see the kicks, though he sees more because they mostly occur below my belly button which I can't see.
  • Don't know if this is a milestone, but I cannot see "down there" anymore!
Note the mutant cat at my feet!

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