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Monday, March 28, 2011

Vegan Supplements

You can get everything your body needs from a vegan diet. However, you might have to eat for most of the day. So a lot of vegans take pills and other smaller compact versions of food. This is not a blog about what nutrients vegans (people) need, just what I take and have been feeling pretty healthy with.

1) Prenatal Vitamins
I am not pregnant or trying to become so (yet). I have found that prenatal vitamins have the best nutrition especially for a vegan in one pop. I have tried a variety of whole foods/organic/vegan vitamins including some awesome things like iodine from kelp. Here are two types:
DEVA have all the recommended daily intake amounts, but are less than other brands. However, you only have to take one pill per day. They smell bad.

Super Nutrition have a huge amount of all its nutrients. You do have to take three pills twice daily. They are coated in a yummy vanilla cap. I like them better.

2) Omega Three Fatty Acids
I have done some experimenting with these. I have taken a few types of Flax seed oils which are ALA. There is controversy as to whether/how much the body can transfer ALA into the brain/eye crucial DHA. I take 1-2 tablespoons a day in smoothie and drizzled over other food, or straight. (Don't heat it)

I also used to take V-Pure Omega 3 DHA and EPA Oil Capsules. 2x/day. Made from algae. Fish eat algae, fish have high omega 3s, vegans go to the source!
V-Pure Omega 3
For some reason, they stopped making them. No one has them and they seem to have stopped producing them. :o( I can't find its equivalent! The closest thing I've found is a few versions of flax oil + DHA from algae. Maybe if I get into sea vegetables in a big way?

What do you take? Have you found other sources of DHA/EPA omega 3s??

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