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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vegan Pets?

I have two fur babies and baby?
Drake and Kitsune, 10 and 11 months old

Meander, 21 months old

I have not done a lot of research on the topic, but from everything I've read and the vets I have spoken with, cats cannot be vegan. Dogs can. From what I gather, dogs can convert plant material into taurine which is necessary to survival, but cats cannot so they must get taurine from animal sources. So, my kitties each food with poultry and fish. We do Newman's Organic. 

And yeah, my snake is not vegan either. Diet consists of frozen mice. 

What do you think about non-vegan pets? Has anyone raised a vegan dog? Is anyone against pet ownership at all? (This is PETA's official stance, though not all members adhere to this). If you want to know more about my pets, let me know! They were all adopted/rescued. I'm sure they will pop up here often as I have no life beyond being a pet parent.

My hubby and Drake, the brown mackeral patch tabby with white

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