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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Cook with Ginger

I love to use spicy ginger in sweet and savory dishes! It is a raw power food so the later in the cooking process you can add it, the better! This brown fibrous root can be difficult to prepare

Peeling the Skin 

...the spoon! Use a spoon to gently scrape away the skin piece by piece. This is way to waste the least amount of the ginger flesh. This can be time consuming.

If I'm feeling lazy:
...the vegetable peeler! It is not really intended for ginger but will peel the skin a only and little of the flesh if you do not feel like the spoon method.

If I'm feeling really lazy or rushed: 

...the knife. You can slice down the sides to remove the skin but it will take a lot of the juicy ginger with it. You may need to use the knife anyway if you have particularly hard, woody areas or dry areas on your piece of ginger

My Favorite Ginger Tool!
The cute ginger grater my hubby bought me from a Japanese store!
Start with a small-ish peeled piece of ginger.
Grate away! Apply pressure along the grain of the ginger and occasionally switch sides. Do this vertically over a container to collect the juice. The fibers/pulp will stay on the grater.
As a Garnish:
Slice your piece vertically and then into strips with the grain.  Add to a dish at the last minute for decoration and added crunch and taste!

Storing ginger is not something I have mastered! It does not do well in the freezer or a plastic bag. I have heard of pickling it in vodka. What I usually do is toss the unused ginger in the fridge- cut or not- and use it up as soon as possible. No long term storage ideas here :o/

What is your favorite way to use ginger?

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  1. I love ginger! I have found that storing it in the freezer works for me. I always had my ginger going bad and a friend told me to stick it in the freezer. It seems to keep in there.