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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 19 weeks and 1 day -Into week 20! Out of the teens!

Due Date:  December 30 (for now) I have a suspicion that we will be told the baby is measuring ahead of schedule at our ultrasound on Friday!

Total weight gain/loss:
 4 lbs total gained, though I'm SURE I will have to add on to this from my appt. on Wednesday!

Maternity clothes? Yes, from here out I think. Going to raid the clearance rack at Kohl's tomorrow unless it's, like, shorts.

Sleep: Argh, there's no hope. Here are the new sleep issues:
  • I think Squiggles is having a growth spurt because I have been woken up by hunger every night.
  • I can no longer sort of lean on my belly- it's too big!
  • Angry and distressing dreams :o(
  • Insomnia from excitement and worry
  • Continued discomfort on left side, sciatica, and dehydration
Best moment this week: 
Building the crib all by myself!

Movement: YESSS!!!! Much more than every before, definite kicks that repeat. Can't wait until hubby can feel it, too!

Food cravings: Anything sweet, cold, or both! Fulfilling this with fruit and candy. I think I really want ice cream but I'm not eating any type, not even vegan because of the agave.

Food aversions: None


  • I felt sick for two days followed by what I swear is a baby/uterus growth spurt. 
  • Ravenous hunger like in first trimester including during the night!
  • More heartburn but not that bad
  • Sciatica grrr messing up my ballet skillz
  • Emotional, constant crying
  • Lots more movement including at different times of day! 
 I can't believe how excited I am to find this out on Friday (hopefully!) I am of the mind that it doesn't matter, won't make a difference in our preparation or parenting except to decide about circumcision, and our child may decide on a different "gender" than is represented by their genitals BUT I am still dying to know. 

Labor Signs: Nooo

Belly Button in or out? Closer to a full outie but it will still be a while

What I miss: Summer! It seems to be ending and that means less time for baby prep, exercise, and cooking, though I do look forward to some income as a substitute teacher

What I am looking forward to: Hubby to come back from out of town. I am SO emotional lately and missing him. Oh, hormones.
Milestones: First person who I do not know asking "What are you due?" See! I knew Squiggles had a growth spurt this week!


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  2. I don't know if you've tried this or not, but body pillows worked wonders during my pregnancy. I laid on my side, had one body pillow on front side, with the pillow under my belly and between my legs, then another regular pillow supporting my back. This seemed to be the only way I could get comfortable from the second trimester on.

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